October 17, 2023

The New Orleans Collection: St. Louis Cathedral

How many photographs of the St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter can one have? But how could I not include it in The New Orleans Collection? There are a few variations that are the most popular, but none of them have these fun trees as the foreground that I could find. I would imagine it’s one of the most, if not the most, iconic landmarks in New Orleans. The awesome thing is that it’s still used to this day for masses and weddings, and it’s been so since 1794. The original church burned down, and this structure was rebuilt in its place and it’s been there ever since. I frequently go to Jackson Square for various events, but on this particular day it was almost empty. Lucky me. It provided perfect shots for my collection. With a flexible schedule as a realtor, I'm able to pop in and out of locations at various times, and I'm more in the know than most folks of when and where to go. Read more about the beloved French Quarter here.

Weddings and Second Lines

Many people have their weddings in the cathedral and have a second line to the spot of their receptions. I have been to a few and it never gets old. When I hear of people having destination weddings in New Orleans, I always hope they get this experience. Truly nothing is quite like it. The cathedral is a magical place to attend a wedding, and it's a blast to wave your white tissue or napkin in the air while marching down the street to a jazz band in a second line. If you ever have a chance to invite yourself to a wedding there (or are invited to one), do it. And don’t be shy - it’s a once in a lifetime chance! And its' why I had to add the cathedral to The New Orleans Collection.

To Tree or Not to Tree

While deciding on which photograph to use for my cathedral shot, I didn’t want it to be the typical one, so the trees in front was the winner. It was between this one and another one for The New Orleans Collection. I went with the hint of trees and not the entire tree in front of the cathedral, which I like and will show you if you ask. The decision process was interesting because when I asked a few people’s opinions, people didn't hold back! Some liked one, another, and some not any. But hey, that’s part of being an artist. You get to pick which is YOUR favorite and give it to the world. So, here you go.

The New Orleans Collection Legend (Above)

I hope you send the notecard to someone special, who loves the cathedral and a piece of New Orleans. And please know that this is also available in a print. You can contact me at liz@roamingwithred.com or head to my website at www.roamingwithred.com. I can’t wait to hear form you.
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