October 16, 2023

The New Orleans Collection: Alligator at Jean Lafitte Park

Is there anything more “Louisiana” than alligators and swamp? I think not. This is not something I can speak on for all local, but I love alligators. They are utterly fascinating to me. The best part is that they live so close to where we are and we can see them very often. Go to City Park, along Bayou St. John, or in my case, Jean Lafitte National Park, and you will be sure to run into one sooner or later. These beasts have been here a lot longer than we have, and we’ve learned to live amongst them, for the most part.

Walk the Walk

New Orleans was built on what is much of a swamp. It’s why we have settlement issues, our roads crack, we are below sea level, and why we have so many alligators. To me, the best place to go to see them is at Jean Lafitte while walking the trails. There are several trails there, so you can take your pick and walk along them. You don’t have to be petrified that an alligator will come eat you, but leave your pets at home because they may be a snack for these guys. This is my preference over most boat swamp tours, so if you can walk it, I say go for it. You'll see why I loved it for The New Orleans Collection of notecards and photographs.

Bayou Coquille Trail for the Win!

This picture was taken years ago. My husband and I (ok, I drag my husband a couple of times a year) go to do a particular trail called Bayou Coquille. Sadly it’s been partially closed since Hurricane Ida, so you won’t be able to get this shot until it’s open again. I took it deeper into the trail and it’s not open to the public. Rats! The Water Lillies and other greenery around it make the gator almost invisible, but I caught him. He was relaxing, cooling off, enjoying his day. And now he is one of the stars of The New Orleans Collection of notecards. Is he yours?
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The New Orleans Collection: Alligator at Jean Lafitte Park

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