October 17, 2023

The New Orleans Collection: Purple Irises

The Besthoff Sculpture Garden in City Park is one of my most coveted places to meander in New Orleans. I like it because it’s peaceful, and it’s free, and I feel safe there. Yes, safety is a thing for me when I’m taking photographs. I get into such a flow that I don’t know what’s going on around me at any given time. Once per year, the irises are blooming in the sculpture garden and I make my way there to see them. There are all different types, and I enjoy looking at them as well as photographing them. These gorgeous purple irises were a no-brainer to add to The New Orleans Collection. The bridge in the background gives it a little more depth as well.

Stop and Smell the Irises

Many times, when people come to the great city of New Orleans, they miss out on places like this because they want to see the cliche tourist places. My advice is almost always to head to City Park, though. Rent a paddle boat, walk along the Big Lake, and just enjoy the day. The main attractions in City Park are all within walking distance, so you could hit them all at once. It’s a magical place, in my opinion. Truly I could've chosen a number of things within the park to add to The New Orleans Collection, but these flowers had to be one of them.

The Robust Sculpture Garden

These purple irises struck me when I was there viewing the multiple irises in bloom. They were planted along the water, and when I got down and stuck my camera in them, I got this shot. I love different perspectives. I don’t want an overhead shot of flowers. To me, being in the actual flowers is much more inviting. The bridge in the background is something else I’ve photographed on its own, so it’s also special to me. This garden has so many things from which to choose, but ultimately the flowers won out for The New Orleans Collection. I did include one other image from the sculpture garden, and it’s linked here. Perhaps I’ll do a whole collection of that space, as it’s certainly worthy.
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The New Orleans Collection: Purple Irises in Sculpture Garden

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