March 16, 2024

What to Wear This Spring

Springtime is one of my favorite times of the year. It represents new growth and warmer weather. The flowers are blooming all over the place, farmers markets are bustling, and businesses leave their doors open for fresh air. Breaking out short sleeves, dresses, and open-toed shoes are also refreshing after coming off of winter. Aren’t we all ready to put the heavy coats away at this point? Spring is a mentality shift and the feeling of beginning. Because I love clothing and fashion, I put together this list of what to wear this spring for you. Most of it is likely stuff you have in your closet already; lots of classics to be worn this year. Simple and chic, let’s swap out those wool scarves for silk ones and get excited for spring.

At an Art Market I Attend as a Vendor - in My Hat!

Hat of Your Choice

Wearing a hat in the spring that accents an outfit is a must. I’m in love with the look, although sometimes I’m not sure where my ears are supposed to land. Tucked into the hat or sticking out? Typically I go for the tucked-into-the-hat look. What I’m into right now is a fedora that I bought years ago from a local hat shop - one of the oldest in the city. The hat has kept its integrity, and I love sporting it to my art markets or to festivals. Another style I like to wear is a floppy hat. It gives enough coverage to block the sun, and it adds pizzazz to my outfit, typically a sundress. A hat is definitely on my list of what to wear this spring. If you don’t already have one, grab yourself one and hit the town.

Colorful Flowy Pants

Flowy Pants

Pants are my jam. I’m definitely a pants person. When I was a decade younger, I was very self-conscious of my legs and gravitated towards pants. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve cared less about what other people think, but I still love my pants. What to wear this spring is definitely a flowy pair of pants. Put them in the rotation so you stay cool when it’s a warmer day. My favorite pair is a colorful print from a local boutique, giving me many choices of colors to wear on top. White t-shirts are in style this year, so I will likely be pairing the pants with that the most. You really can’t get anymore comfortable than a t-shirt and flowy pants. It’s a resort-style look that never gets old.

Vintage Midi Skirt I Found While Traveling

Midi Skirts

Boy, did I latch onto this look! Midi skirts are what to wear this spring, and I am not mad about it. I’ve bought several different midi skirts, from denim to a vintage one I found at a shop while traveling. They can be dressed up or down, and they are fantastic for a day at a festival or a night out to dinner. You can find them at basically any store, as the style has become so popular. It’s been trending for a few seasons, which hopefully will continue. More and more, anything goes in the world of fashion, but some looks get more attention than others in different seasons. The midi skirt is absolutely trending now, so grab that look for yourself.

Wearing my Sisley Cherry in this Photo

A Splash of Red

The color red was in style in the fall, and it’s still going strong. Various shades continue to pop up, so choose your red and go with it. A red lipstick (my favorite is Sisley Cherry right now) is a great option of what to wear this spring if you aren’t a fan of red clothing. Myself, I love red lipstick and a pop of red in or on my clothing. Everyone can find the right shade of red for themselves, that much I promise. It takes some trial and error and some time to figure out since it’s such a bold color, but it’s a memorable color. Even if it’s a clutch purse, add a little red to that spring outfit. Since red doesn't ever really go out of style either, you can re-wear what you buy anytime. Red is timeless!

Silk Scarf

I’m still struggling on how to wear a scarf at times, but I can fake it till I make it. A scarf is a great option of what to wear this spring to elevate your outfit with a classic accessory. Wear it around your neck or tie it to your purse (I really like this look). My favorite scarves have come from all over, but particularly the vintage ones are my favorite. Second hand stores will often have the best accessories, sometimes from all over the world. If you can score a great deal on a silk scarf, don’t pass it up. There will always be a use for a scarf, and they never, and I mean NEVER, go out of style. This spring, I want to see you in that scarf. Preferably in Paris.

My French Sole Flats, and My Pets

Comfortable and Stylish Flats

Because I’m short, I struggled embracing flats for the longest time. I’ve watched them continue to gain traction in the fashion world and now I have several pairs. No regrets! Comfortable flats are absolutely on the list of what to wear this spring because you can dress them up or down. I purchased a pair from French Sole that are the leopard print, and I love wearing them with brown or black since the pattern has both colors in it. Not into the animals prints? Solid is a solid choice. Your outfit will not look flat in your flats. I need to stop.

Animal Print Shirt I Bought Second Hand

Animal Prints

Speaking of animal prints…this is what to wear this spring, without a doubt. Animal prints come and go in style, so if you need to dust off that snakeskin dress, now is the time. I’ve always loved and embraced animal print accessories of all types, so this is my time to shine. It’s important not to go overboard on the prints, but a splash of it will suit any outfit just fine. If animal prints are out of your comfort zone, I completely understand that. Just know that you will fit right into this season if you decide to take a walk on the wild side.

Love This Belt from Boden

Statement Belts

What exactly is a statement belt? To me, it could really be anything larger or bolder than a normal leather belt. Belts have always been a huge part of my wardrobe, so breaking them out is right in my zone of what to wear this spring. They are included in my blog about the best accessories to elevate your style, too. I’m always on the hunt for good-looking belts, and I love shopping for them second hand, particularly. Belts are an easy way to jazz up any outfit, from jeans to a jumpsuit to a dress. Accenting your waist in any way is a plus, in my opinion. I truly love the look, so you will be seeing me all season long with belts around me.



Stripes are in abundance in my closet. I never feel like I have enough of them, so they will be at the top of what to wear this spring. Each time I see a striped shirt I like and want to purchase, I force myself to go back into my closet to see just how many I already have. Do we ever have too many stripes, though? Personally, I don’t think so. I wear them all, and they range from shirts to pants. The look of stripes is reminiscent of a classic Parisian look, so naturally I am mildly or majorly obsessed. These have been and will continue to be a look that I wear in every season, but I am excited to break them out this spring.

Sporty, Athletic Style Shirt (and Striped)!

Sporty/Athletic Look

I’m no Sporty Spice, but the preppy athletic look is in style and what to wear this spring. Polo and rugby shirts are all the rage, so I grabbed a few recently. I’ve noticed that I do wear them quite often, and I like that I can style them in a feminine way. The look goes for comfort and cute, and I agree that it’s easily accomplished here. While I wouldn’t wear this to a nighttime dinner on a Saturday, I love bopping around town in this look. To me, it’s the “try without looking like I tried” outfit. Easy, breezy, friends.

Trench Coat

It took me a while to buy my first trench coat. When I did, I wondered what took me so long. Isn’t that always the way, though? My trench coat is from J. Crew Factory and I got a good deal on it from Poshmark. It’s the best for those chillier days or nights and it is the perfect style for what to wear this spring. A little preppy and a little classic, you really can’t go wrong with a trench coat. My next one will be a waist-length trench because I have fallen in love with the overall look. Don’t have one yet? They’re everywhere. Find one that suits you and your budget.

Kick-out Jeans

Non-Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have had their time to shine, but it's time for them to move over. I've been seeing for a little while a trend moving towards non-so-skinny jeans, and I'm embracing it. My practice is to have all kinds of pants at my disposal so that whatever the trend is, I'm already there. As I mentioned, I love pants, so this is not a problem for me. Flared? Got them. Straight leg? Got them. What I'm seeing and what to wear this spring are more of a kick-out or straight-leg pant. They bring a different look to any outfit, and my opinion is that the look is a good one. Put the skinnies away and bust out the straights.

Classic Looks FTW

The looks this spring are all over the map, as I have discovered. These are just a few of my favorite looks specifically for what to wear this spring. Transitioning from winter to spring is a huge jump, and sometimes we forget how to do it. Fret not, this list will get you through springtime with ease and an overall classic look. My goal with my look throughout the year needs to be more classic so I don’t have to purchase the latest new thing each and every season. This is an evergreen list, and one you can use year after year. Welcome to spring, and a much lighter wardrobe!

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