October 8, 2023

The Color of the Season: Red

What do you associate with the color red? Some first words as I’m writing are: blood, power, sexy, feminine. Since red is the color of the season this year, I feel like my wardrobe was born ready. Red seems to have taken a back seat to a lot of other colors over the years, and I am absolutely delighted and empowered that it is here. Even if it’s just for this season. I’ve been watching closely to see how others are wearing it, and I have just the selection for you in this blog. Much of what I’m going to share has been in my closet for ages, so hopefully you can dust off some of your old red items as well. Get them out, hang them up, and when the time is right, put that red thing on. Let’s make this a season to remember. And on that note, let’s dive in to my favorite red items.

Wearing Sisley Poppy Lipstick

Red Lipstick

While red lipstick is not exactly seasonal, I encourage you to find your shade and slap it on this season. There really isn’t much sexier than a red lipstick, and we all know that. Growing up, a woman who I was very close to always had it on. I thought she was the most confident, bold broad I had ever met. She probably was. Her lips were always ready for a party, and as an adult I appreciate that. The rest of my body is absolutely not always ready for a party, but I do enjoy seeing my lips act like we are all in sync. I have a few shades, I love them all, and I notice that I feel like a badass woman when I am wearing the color of the season, which in this case is red.

Gorgeous Red Shoes from Angelique Boutique

Red Shoes

I remember this guy I dated walked in early on in our relationship and commented (negatively) about my high red shoes. Yeah, it was a warning sign, but you live and you learn. Those shoes threatened his little ego, as they do to an insecure guy. It didn’t stop me from buying and wearing red shoes throughout my life, though. The color of the season right now is red, and I’m going to wear some red shoes, for crying out loud. Last season I found the shoes I have on at a boutique I barely shop at, but they had one last pair in my size. The shop owner twisted my arm, and here I am with a brand new pair of velvety orange-red shoes, made in Korea. It’s almost like I knew they would be the color the next year. Hmmmm!

Paul Bunyan Shirt!

Red Shirt

Not everything in my closet is fancy and bougie. My red plaid shirt reminds me of a lumberjack, and sometimes that’s what I want to look like. Instead of carrying an ax, I carry bear spray. Such are the times, friends, such are the times. This Paul Bunyan shirt has been in my closet for ages, and it was probably from when red was the color of the season last time. It’s been that long. The shirt is still in excellent condition, I paired it with my new Blondo boots I got off of Poshmark, and I think I’m ready for my hay ride. At the very least, I’m ready for my own photo shoot with my pumpkins, so that’s what I got.

Lena Erika Purse - Looks Like the Day I Bought It!

Red Purse/Bag

Another oldie but goodie, this purse has stood the test of time. It’s suede, and I love that it can be a fold over clutch or a longer bag with a handle. The quality is excellent. When so many of my underused bags get discolored and funky, this one has stayed near perfect. With red being the color of the season, I am all set for a hot night out. Hopefully in cool weather. But I live in New Orleans, so that is wishful thinking. Find yourself a little red clutch, pair it with something neutral, like black anything or jeans, and jazz up your outfit. It’s easy, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on it. If you’re anything like me, the purse will spend most of its life sitting on a shelf waiting to be chosen. Sorry, purse, I promise this season I’ll do better. I have motivation.

Starting the Red Trend 2 Years Ago in Paris

Red Scarf

On my trip to Paris a couple of years ago, I somehow brought a red scarf. I’m not trying to take all the credit, but I think someone probably saw me and this is what sparked red being the color of the season. No? A girl can joke, and there’s more where that came from. For real, though, I am impressed with myself and my high interest with red things. This scarf came from a trip to Dubai when visiting a friend. I bought a few different colors because they cost $.12 most likely, and the rest is history. That beaut will be hanging in my closet for another 10 years, at least I hope so. Watch, another decade from now I’ll be sporting it in Paris and the color red will come back around. Ok, I’m done. The joke is old and retired as of now.

Red Wolford Tights Under Jeans

Red Tights

Don’t you ever hesitate to wear some bold tights, friends. There are not enough days in this city that I can wear my collection of crazy tights, but the red ones find their way into a wearing more often than not. My red tights have unofficially been the color of the season every holiday season. This season might just be license to wear them more frequently and creatively. I’d typically be pairing these tights with a black dress, but under a pair of jeans works just fine this season. I’m thrilled to have this bold, red pair and others with red accents for the upcoming fall and winter. You’ll seem me coming from a mile away. Watch ya-self!

Tulle Coat - In Love!

Red Coat

Tulle was a favorite brand of mine for a while for coats. A few ski seasons, I traveled over to Telluride, Colorado and bought a new coat each time. This gorgeous thing has been in my closet and looking sharp for yeaaaaaars. It’s got to be over 10 years old.The buttons aren’t great and don’t stay closed, but it’s a great coat for milder chilly weather. Since that’s basically our entire winter here, I’ll be sitting pretty in my pretty red color of the season coat. A couple of other types of coats to consider are: leather jacket, suede jacket, ski jacket. All look banging in red, and all will give you that little boost of serotonin. You’ll look like you stepped out of a magazine, my dear. And not Good Housekeeping magazine, either.

Red Leather Pants

Red Pants

This is a crazy story with these red leather pants. If it hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t own them, but it did, and I do. If you’re a regular around here, you know I love shopping on RueLaLa and Gilt. One day, a package arrived for me. Or was it for me? My name was on one side of it and another name was on the other. I proceeded to open the package, and lo and behold, this pair of smoking hot red leather pants popped out. I didn’t order them, but I tried them on and they fit like a glove. The high waist, the length…perfection. It was like they were made for me. Instead of being dishonest, I contacted the company and told them what happened. They said they had no trace of that order for anyone else, and just keep them. SQUEAL! My red pants have been the color of the season and my favorite thing to wear in the winter. After all, I have to honor my guardian red leather pants angel.

Red Red Wine

Look, I know this is unconventional to add into a blog about red being the color of the season. But some wine is red, and since I love wine, I wanted to add it. That’s the privilege I get because I am the one writing this blog. Red wine and I have broken up and gotten together several times throughout life, but we’ve found a good balance lately. We have an understanding that we keep just enough distance and that is where the good stuff lies. So this season, don’t hesitate to open up a nice bottle of red wine and share it with some friends. That’s what life is all about, after all. I couldn’t think of a better color of the season, can you?

Roaming with Red

Lastly, I’d like to give a shoutout to my hair color. Red is special, and even though it’s not the color I was born with, it’s the color that suits me best. Blondes (my natural color) might have more fun, but reds are the all-around baddest, wildest, and enjoyable. The color of the season for my hair is red, and I might just go a little darker to accentuate that fact. I’m thrilled to be here, in your world, with you reading my words. I couldn’t do it without the red. My entire brand is paying homage to this season’s color. I’m stepping into it all the way this year. Let’s do this season with style, friends. Grab your something red and paint the town….red.
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