October 2, 2023

Fun Fall Sweaters I Have in My Closet

Fall, or autumn, is my favorite time of year. Unlike many, I abhor daylight saving time and look forward to the dark coming earlier and getting into bed earlier. Although I live in a warm, humid climate, my sweater collection could rival those who live in Minnesota. Perhaps I’m willing cold weather to my life by having all of these fun fall sweaters. Some of the are short sleeves, some are long sleeves, and some hit just below my elbow. Any way you slice the sweater, I love wearing it and know that sweaters are my favorite look of the season. I’ve shopped far and wide for the ones I’ll tell you about today. They have all held up really well, and some I’ve owned fro years. Don’t be afraid to go bold, either. There’s nothing more fun than a fun fall sweater.


Would I characterize Sezane in the “fun fall sweater” category? Maybe not. But they do have some amazing sweaters that you can definitely have fun in. Each time I go to Paris, I take some time to go to both locations in the city. Each one has slightly different inventory, so I am making sure I get the full experience. Light purple was the latest color craze, and it’s not a color that I typically buy. That, for me, makes this a fun fall sweater. It’s different for me, and I love the cropped style. I also like that you can wear it on its own or unbuttoned, more as a sweater jacket. The versatility and style of it are classic, and that’s another reason I love Sezane. Their clothing really doesn’t go out of style, but you do feel trendy wearing it. It’s a perfect balance.
Boden Embroidered Animal Sweater


Boden really makes some fun fall sweaters with animals on them once in a while. Probably each season, really. While it is their typical style because they can be quirky, they mostly lean towards traditional and evergreen clothing. However, you can definitely find a little pizazz if you look through their online site. My first sweater from them came with beautiful, colorful embroidered animals on the collar. Every time I wear it, I got loads of compliments. What I want to tell you is: this fun and cute type of thing is everywhere now! You can find animal prints all over the place, in stores and online. If animals are your thing, as they are mine, don’t be afraid to sport some animal action. It truly transforms most outfits from boring to brilliant, and it doesn’t take too much.

Alex Mill Button Back Sweater 

Alex Mill

The fit of these sweaters is a dream for me. I am a petite person, as I’ve noted before in another article about petite clothing, and it’s hard to find fun fall sweaters that don’t swallow me. Alex Mill is a great find for me, as they aren’t necessarily marketing to petite women, but their sweaters fit petite women. I own a couple of sweaters with button details and I absolutely love both of them. Any type of detailing that sets a ho-hum sweater apart has my name written all over it. Their clothes in general are top notch and definitely not break-the-bank prices. I’ve become a huge fan and somehow cannot stop buying their products although I use them for very few days of the year. I suppose they will last forever this way. Le sigh.

Scott & Scott London Cardigan I Bought

Scott & Scott London

Now this brand has some fun fall sweaters. Scott & Scott London sweaters are cozy and warm, so they do their job as sweaters. The bonus is that they are cute and feminine and fun. I’m a huge fan of this brand for a few reasons, and I typically purchase from RueLaLa or Gilt. The prices there are much lower than their list prices, and if you stalk them on these sites like I do, you can get really good deals. Aside from that, I enjoy the one that I own, as well as the one I just purchased, which is more of a cardigan style. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for more from this brand. Oh wait, I already am and already have my eye on a couple of others. Oops.

The Day I Bought This Sweater


A brand I found while traipsing around Salem, MA on my solo trip was Palava. I only own one sweater from them, but could own one of everything that I found while shopping at Modern Millie. Modern Millie carries the absolute best fun fall sweaters, as well as many other items that you’ll want to take home. The best part is that they have an online shop, so you don’t have to travel all the way to Salem to enjoy the quirky clothing. I do highly recommend that you travel there to see the shop for yourself, but if you can’t, do shop online. My squirrel sweater is truly one of my favorites, and I enjoy wearing it around Thanksgiving. It’s just so cute and festive. And it's 100% organic cotton - yes!
Lady Peeking Through Blinds - Leo and Ugo

Leo and Ugo

One of my favorite stores where I live is called Relish. The owner brings back all kinds of wonderful European goodies, and I love seeing what clothes I can collect. Leo and Ugo has some of the cutest and most fun fall sweaters, and I’m the proud owner of a few of their products. The sweater I own feels classic French, which j’adore. A francophile like myself will do much to feel close to France. Not only is my sweater atypical and one you won’t find almost anywhere else, it’s cozy. I do like to pair it with a white button down shirt, which is conveniently in style on its own right now. It elevates the look, and when I pop on my red lipstick, there’s not denying I’m a French lady at heart.

It's Sweata Weatha!

All I can think about when the weather turns is that clip from SNL of Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler going back and forth saying “oh my gosh it’s sweata weatha,” It’s so accurate for so many of us ladies. We’re desperate to get out of the sweaty mess of summer and into our beautiful sweaters. Fun fall sweaters rule my closet, and I am delighted to break them out. Let’s get excited, friends. And let’s get into those seasonal clothes that make us feel so warm and fuzzy, literally and figuratively. Let’s see what you’ve got!

Some of the links go to my affiliate account. If you purchase from one, you're helping feed my stray cat colony. Meow!

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