March 11, 2024

My Favorite Things to Do Alone

Being alone with myself has always been something I’ve enjoyed, for the most part. In college, I was desperate to be with other living, breathing humans. After that, it completely changed and I realized my own company was not so bad. In fact, I loved it. Because I moved away to a new city post-college, I had a choice to make: get out and do things or rot in my apartment. I found delight in taking myself to a new bar, going to the gym, or traveling. The more I did these things solo, the more comfortable I became doing more. That’s all it is: repetition. Getting past that fear that people are looking at you, watching you, feeling sorry for you. None of it is true, and if someone is, they can kick rocks. Hanging out by yourself is a sign of strength and deep acceptance of yourself. I’m going to share with you my favorite things to do alone. This might help you step outside your comfort zone and start living more freely.

Traveling Solo

I’ll jump right into the most controversial one for many people. People traveling solo by choice? Why? Because it’s utter magic. While going on a trip with fun people is wonderful, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, like traveling solo. It climbed to the tippy top of my favorite things to do alone because once I did it once, I was hooked. Now, I plan at least one solo trip per year, whether it’s a couple of hours from where I live or internationally. If you’re unsure of going by yourself completely, there are group trips where solo people sign up and travel together. It could be considered solo group travel, if you will. That is a way to do it that I would highly recommend to get your feet wet if you haven’t done it and aren’t too into the idea of solo travel. For me, I love being on my own. I get to eat where I want, when I want. Take photos at my leisure for my business and pleasure. Not have to be bothered by someone else’s needs or schedule. I’m passionate about this one. Take the solo trip!

Dining in Paris Alone - Can You See Me in the Mirror?

Taking Myself to a Meal

Eating alone is something that I hear people say they’d rather die than do. Do you honestly think that other people are looking at you that much? Maybe they are. Let them. What does it matter if you’re sitting in some great restaurant alone and people are watching? They are likely envious at your sheer boldness to do it. Be their inspiration and give them the courage to watch someone who is willing to sit with themselves for an entire meal alone. But really, do it for you. Waiting around for people to join you in life is exhausting, and it could never happen. My personal preference is to sit at a bar, drink or no drink, and enjoy a meal. Occasionally, though, I love sitting at a restaurant or cafe and doing my own people-watching. When you’re chatter boxing with someone else, you don’t take in the same sights as you can when you’re by yourself. It’s a really relaxing experience if you let it be, and by far one of my favorite things to do alone.

My Favorite Place to Walk Alone

Walking (In Cemeteries)

When I’m not taking my pooch on a walk with me, I love to go alone. Walking around with my camera is one of my favorite things to do alone because I can take my time. Strolling the streets in my neighborhood, or driving to another neighborhood and walking is so cathartic. I can drop into another world, see the sights, the people, and not have any agenda. You can go for an exercise walk, or you can go for a leisure walk, but try it by yourself - it’s one of my favorite things to do alone. You know where my favorite place to walk alone is? Cemeteries. The utmost peace and quiet! Anyway, I promise, no one is watching you and labeling you as a loser. Take your time, take your walking shoes, and hit the pavement or the trail or a cemetery. Always be careful when you’re alone, but enjoy yourself, your thoughts, and your time to get to know yourself better. I bet you’ll like who that is.

Me and My Quiet Companion

Riding My Bike

One of the most relaxing things I do by myself on a weekend (preferably a Sunday) is to ride my bike. Full disclosure, I’m not usually alone because I take my dog in a front pack so he can also enjoy the ride. And boy, does he love the ride. Since he doesn’t talk, it makes it a great way to spend time with my thoughts. It’s climbed to the top of my favorite things to do alone because it’s so easy to do. My bike is easily accessible by design, and I can grab it and go for just a little while at a time. This is a low-stakes activity for you to do by yourself, and with your helmet on, no one can really identify you. Just in case you’re afraid people will spot that “person riding a bike alone” - gasp! I love incorporating a physical activity and solo time because it gets the juices flowing. You never know what you’ll dream up when you’re moving that body, so get on that bicycle and let’s ride a bike together…but alone.

With My 3 Favorites Watching Our Shows

Watching My Shows

This isn’t at the top of my list of favorite things to do alone, but I like intentionally watching certain shows by myself. I’m not a big movie-goer, but I do have a couple of streaming services that come in handy when I’m in need of Netflix-and-chill-by-myself time. My goal when choosing a show is to not feel like I’ve lost brain cells, so possibly a documentary or something about cats would be at the top of my list. Because I’m into health, I loved watching a show on Blue Zones. Who doesn’t want to live an entire century with a great quality of life? My recommendation when watching a show or movie is to not make it a primary activity, but we all need down time. It’s a great thing to do by yourself, so make it intentional. Learn something from what you watch, or have it evoke some emotions. Those are some good rules to live by when you’re watching your shows alone.

Enjoying Myself at the Park

You've Got You

So many people think that because you’re alone, you’re lonely. Not the case. There are many of us who genuinely like to be by ourselves, but it usually takes some work to get there. With my list of my favorite things to do alone here, you can also start building up your tolerance with yourself. By yourself. In the company of yourself. Once you start, let me warn you, you will likely want to keep up the momentum. It’s a muscle. Repetition. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Get your feelings and thoughts in check around the whole topic of being alone, and try it out. You are going to be your own best friend, and that is a good place to be. With all the practice I have, I know I can get through anything, and I mean anything. Sometimes, you’re all you have, and that’s more than ok. But you have to put in the time to get to know and like that person, and that person is YOU.

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