March 18, 2024

Best Walkable Neighborhoods in New Orleans

New Orleans is generally an easy city to get around in without a car. There are streetcars, pedicabs, buses, and then there are your legs that can carry you from one place to the next. With so many desirable sights to see, I highly recommend hoofing it through the neighborhoods, though some more than others. Even if you’ve walked an area dozens of times, there is always a detail that you’ll catch on the dozenth and one time. I’m going to share my opinion of the best walkable neighborhoods in New Orleans as a native and local real estate broker who gets around town regularly. These are the ones I tend to frequent myself and also recommend to those visiting. I am positive you’ll enjoy all of these neighborhoods.

Cornstalk Fence in the Garden District

Lower Garden District & Garden District

The Lower Garden and Garden Districts are the most obvious on this list of best walkable neighborhoods in New Orleans after the French Quarter. Strolling through the streets of these two areas, you’ll come away with a history lesson, or ten. They butt up to each other and are not vastly large, so I lumped them together for ease. For a delicious, quintessential New Orleans meal experience, I highly recommend lunching at Commander’s Palace. Go for the $.25 martinis, but know you’re only allowed three, which is plenty! If you’re not feeling fancy, Joey K’s is a fabulous option. They have some of the best New Orleans style food in the city. For your souvenirs, hit The Rink and find a treasure there. But truly, focus on the history of the neighborhoods. It’s best done through a walking tour, which I highly recommend, but you can also read the plaques on the fences of the houses. Definitely hit the Cornstalk Fence - it’s my favorite.

Swinging on the Bayou

Bayou St. John

Bayou St. John neighborhood is what dreams are made of.  It's a sub-neighborhood of the larger Mid City neighborhood, and truly my very favorite in all of New Orleans. I personally vote this the best of the walkable neighborhoods in New Orleans. A delightful day would include eating at Cafe Degas, then strolling along Esplanade Avenue. Weaving into the various streets is a must as well, and walking along the bayou itself on a nice day is perfection. If you’re feeling frisky you can rent a kayak or a paddle board and take a relaxing bayou tour. You might even spot an alligator. There is a farmers market at the very start of the bayou on Thursday afternoons that I love attending. I recommend it during all months but the very hot ones in the summer. Grab a drink over at Pal’s Lounge and hang out among the locals. You’re going to love it.


Bywater is a fabulous area of New Orleans for so many reasons. On this list of best walkable neighborhoods in New Orleans, there is no doubt why it’s here. There are so many delicious restaurants from which to choose, and you can walk it off by hitting Crescent Park afterwards. A few favorite spots to eat there are: Pizza Delicious, The Franklin (especially their happy hour), The Sneaky Pickle & Bar Brine, and Bacchanal. My favorite place to have a drink poolside is The Country Club, and I’ll likely get a small bite because their food is just so darn good. Happen to be here during snowball season? Don’t miss Chance in Hell Snoballs, where they use local and fresh ingredients, and they switch the flavors up all the time. Each week it’s a new adventure. Grab yourself a local piece of art at Dr. Bob’s on Chartres - his quirky and colorful pieces are a sight for sore eyes.

Audubon Park


The Carrollton area of New Orleans is just simply gorgeous. Audubon Park is within this neighborhood, and it’s one of my favorite places to stroll in the city. If you’re into bicycling, half of the paved path is for bikes, making it a fantastic way for both to enjoy an afternoon. Feeling fancy? Go to Clancy’s! And yes I did intend that to rhyme. You can pre-game at The Gilded Perch in Park View Guest House, which is next to Audubon Park. Tartine is another teeny tiny spot with great outdoor seating that is a local favorite. For a healthy meal, hit Satsuma on Maple Street or Chais Delachaise for a good cheese board and wine. I almost forgot to mention Camellia Grill. Order one of everything. For one of my top rated activities in the city, hop on that streetcar and ride it all the way down St. Charles Avenue. It’s a buck and change and the best investment you could make during your time here. Carrollton neighborhoods is absolutely hitting one of the best walkable neighborhoods in New Orleans, unless you use the streetcar. Then you’re streetcar-ing.

French Quarter

How could I mention the best walkable neighborhoods in New Orleans and not mention our beloved French Quarter? Can’t! The French Quarter is its most magical in the earlier morning on any given weekday. There, I said it.It's not Bourbon Street at night. For an authentic FQ ghost tour, contact Orion Couling. Stop in at Mr. B’s for barbecue shrimp, and to Sylvain for a burger. Doris Metropolitan is by far one of the best restaurants down there, and you can hit Le Petit Theatre for a show after your dinner. Every show is worth seeing. Stroll around the side of the French Quarter that we refer to as the “locals side,” which is the elevating street numbers going towards Esplanade. Don’t forget to buy your art from Tracy Popken, who sets up along Jackson Square around the St. Louis Cathedral. Since the New Orleans Historic Collection is a free museum and utterly stunning, don't miss it. Then hit M.S. Rau afterwards. Whew!

Cute House on Algiers Point

Algiers Point

A ferry ride across the Mighty Mississippi, you’ll be transported to one of the most adorable and picturesque and best walkable neighborhoods in New Orleans: Algiers Point. The houses are New Orleans to a tee, and their vibrant colors put you in the best of moods. A favorite place to grab some grub is Barracuda, where you will eat the best street tacos in the city at a converted gas station on a picnic table. Maybe you want to catch a sports game, so head to the Crown & Anchor English pub. If you’re feeling loosey-goosey after your drinks at the pub, whip out that pocketbook and check out Rosetree Blown Glass Studio. Their stuff is gorgeous albeit pricey. Supporting local artisans in New Orleans means so much, and the items are one-of-a-kind. Topping off your trip to Algiers Point, you can grab yourself a coffee from Congregation Coffee Roasters and walk on the levee to see a different vantage point of New Orleans. When you’re done, hop back on that ferry and come back to the mainland for some more fun.

Strolling the Big Easy

I’ve lived most of my life in New Orleans, and I’ve walked all of the usual suspects of walkable neighborhoods in New Orleans. These are the top ones that I’ve gone back to time and time again. Every now and again, I still enjoy a professionally hosted walking tour to freshen up my knowledge of the city and learn something new. The wonderful thing about New Orleans is its size. You can hit any of these areas in just a few days, which makes for a robust understanding of the city and the layout. Enjoy your time strolling these different areas, and do take it easy and take it all in. I can’t wait to hear what your favorite neighborhoods are after you explore and discover mine.

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