October 18, 2023

My Favorite Second Hand Stores in New Orleans

New Orleans is filled with all kinds of businesses. One of my favorite things about New Orleans is the support for local anything. Whether it’s food, jewelry, clothing, or second hand stores in New Orleans, we are all about the small fry. It creates a sense of community and kinship that I think other larger cities often lack. When I can and when I know about certain places, I like to put my money in my own city. While I don’t consider myself an over-consumer, I do like to shop. I’ve been trying to be more conscious about our environment and the amount of stuff that big companies make and throw away. That’s why I wanted to write this blog on my favorite second hand stores in New Orleans. Let’s see what treasures we find.

Couch and art from Renaissance. The art work was perfect for the space!

Renaissance Interiors

Hands down, Renaissance is one of my favorite second hand stores in New Orleans to fill my house with goodies. It’s also a place I like to go to peruse and get ideas. Renaissance is a family owned business, and as you go more frequently, they get to know you and share in your decorating ideas. It’s nothing for me to show them photos of the projects I have done around my house with items from the store. Their pricing system makes shopping and deciding so easy. The price tag is dated, and each month it’s there it’s another percentage off. Many times, I will like something but not want to pay “full price” for it, so I chance it and go back when I know it will be further reduced. I don’t have to haggle with them because I know the system. Another thing they will let people do is take an item on “loan” for 24 hours to see if it fits or make sure you like it. I’ve done that a few times with art, like the one in the photo above. The store is rather large, and I often make a couple of rounds each time I’m there, but it’s nicely organized and there is always someone to help you. If you haven’t been, time to go!

Devin takes such good care of me! The glasses on the cover of this article are from him, too.


Devin opened his shop not too long ago, but it has quickly risen to the top of my list as favorite second hand stores in New Orleans. He is an expert stager, organizer, and shop owner. It’s natural for him and it shows in his beautifully curated space. Sometimes I have to take pauses from going because I find something I can’t live without every time I go. How does he know what I like and need? I’ll never know, but he does. And I know he will for you, too. I’ve bought anything from a silk scarf to a desk chair to lamps from him. Some of it is barely used, and some of it is antique. He finds so many gorgeous things from estate sales or when people bring their items into his shop and ask him to sell them. Devin is truly gifted in how he arranges his items in his shop, and you feel like you’re walking through a true boutique of goodies. His shop is situated uptown right off of St. Charles Avenue - it’s easy to park and easy to hop off the streetcar and walk the one block if you are visiting and don’t have a car. Make sure to tell him I sent you!

Gorgeous green vase from The OW Home

The OW Home

The Occasional Wife has exploded in terms of locations and different offerings. They do whatever a client calls for. My husband and I hired a “wife” to facilitate our wedding goings on because it was at my in-law’s house and we had no official coordinator. She did a great job! Since their humble beginnings, they have opened several stores. My favorite one of the bunch is The OW Home. It’s a much more curated and organized space than their warehouse is, and for someone like me, that is a much better buying atmosphere. The OW Home is a completely different feel, and I enjoy walking through and finding little nicknacks to buy. They are a bit pricier than I would normally like to pay, but they have some great items and it’s definitely worth a visit. Their pricing system is not very cut and dry, so you just have to ask for a lower price if it’s what you want. If not, you pay what the tag says. It’s definitely one of my favorite second hand stores in New Orleans because of its location and gorgeous things they get.

Bamboo etagere from Merchant House

Merchant House

The Merchant House is a conglomeration of items that once belonged to someone else. I haven’t been to their new/renovated location, but I have found gems in the past from there. As far as a pricing system, I don’t believe they have an official one, but could also be wrong. When I was walking through, the folks were offering me discounts as I looked at things, so maybe that’s how they do it! They have multiple vendors in the space who each get their own items and sell them under one roof, which makes it more of a collective. I personally like that because it’s like shopping at multiple stores in one space. The location is so easy to get to, so whether you’re visiting or live here, it’s right off the interstate and easily accessible. Go often, as you typically don’t see things twice. And that is why this space is one of my favorite second hand stores in New Orleans.

Swap skirt!

Swap Boutique

My one and only clothing boutique on the list of favorite second hand stores in New Orleans, but it’s a good one! Swap has been around for years. They have tried multiple locations, moved, and closed some. I truly feel like half of my wardrobe is from this consignment shop. They are officially down to one store that they just moved into on Magazine Street, and I can’t wait to go. Like Renaissance, their pricing system is easy. When you walk in, they have a sign with the tag colors indicating a certain percent off. If the item you like isn’t marked with one of those discount tags, the price is what it says until further notice. No haggling necessary. Just grab your calculator and figure it out - that’s what I do. It’s also a great place for me to take any clothes I don’t want anymore, but only if they are in great shape and certain brands. They aren’t a low, low end shop, like Forever 21. You will find brands like Banana Republic or J Crew, but that is about as “low” as they’ll go. I’ve gotten some steals of deals on designer clothing, and I’m a customer for life. Marion is my gal over there, so tell her I said hi.

Mardi Gras wine glasses I found at The OW Home

Adopt, Don't Shop

Yes, I know this refers to animal rescue. And I’m a big advocate of that as well. But let’s think about it in terms of the items we consume everyday as well. There is so much junk out there that gets thrown out. The world is filled with it, and if we buy more consciously, we can definitely decrease and do our part. You do make a difference, as small as you think it is. Never underestimate the power one person holds in helping the world. I take that seriously and have been making more and more attempts to find more favorite second hand shops in New Orleans. Or at least in general, like the Poshmark review I did and you can read about here. I hope you enjoy all of these stores. I know I have throughout the years, and will continue to do so for years to come. When you go, let me know how you like them. I can’t wait to compare notes.
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