November 6, 2023

The 7 Best Souvenirs to Bring Home

Anytime I travel, I know I’m going to be bringing something home with me. Each place I go has a flair of its own, and I try to capture that in whatever item I choose. Traveling has become such a significant part of my life, and I don’t want to forget anything. It’s impossible to remember it all, but a little reminder is something I treasure and look forward to when I return from my trips. Some of the best souvenirs to bing home with you are going to be specific to what you like and enjoy. I’d like to share some of my favorites in case you didn’t think of it, and I’ll share why I enjoy that particular item. Let’s see what goods we discover!

Art from Mexico I Got in My 20s!


By far, art has been at the top of my list as best souvenirs to bring home. My house is filled with pieces from all over the world and the country, and I love admiring it. Sometimes it’s a vase, sometimes it’s a painting. Every time it’s something that completely gives me the warm and fuzzies when I look at it because I remember that particular trip. There are times where I will bring something home but don’t know exactly where to put it, or I have to frame it. It’s ok not to have an exact place in mind; it will come to you. Rearranging and not letting your art get “stale” in its place is another way to make space and appreciate what you already have.

Merlin and I Working on the Ornament Collection


My goal in life is to fill my Christmas tree with ornaments from all over the world, to all the wonderful places I have traveled. I have made the mistake of not getting an ornament with the name of the city/state/country before, and inevitably forget where the ornament is from. Maybe that is a little hokey, but I like to get ornaments that clearly state where I went so I don’t forget. Each year as I’m decorating my tree, I get to remember all of my glorious travels through my ornaments. Ornaments are definitely some of the best souvenirs to bring home, especially if you’re a tree decorator like myself.

Beautiful Mariage Frères Store in Paris

Alcohol, Tea, or Coffee

Although beverages don’t last after the last sip, it’s definitely one of the best souvenirs to bring home, at least in my household. Likely not every trip you go on or every place you go to, but the places that really have a specialty…it’s such a treat. When we went to Italy, we regrettably did not leave enough space for the amount of wine I desired to take back with me. I made do, and I did get to bring some fabulous (and much less expensive) bottles back with me, but I wanted more. C’est la vie. My trip to Hawaii brought back some rum, and my trip to London was filled with delicious Beefeater gin. From Paris, Mariage Frères tea. A treat for the mouth - buy the bevvies. And bring along your extra bag to transport it all.

A Sweater I Bought in Salem, MA While Traveling Solo


When I say apparel are in the category of best souvenirs to bring home, I don’t mean a tacky tie-dyed t-shirt with “Panama City Beach” on it. I’m talking about a piece of clothing that, when you put it on, you will remember where you were and how it made you feel. Traveling to Paris is one of my biggest joys in life, and I love picking up a few pieces from Sezane and Maje when I’m there. Of course I can purchase during the year online, but it’s not the same. When I went to London with my in-laws, I shopped with my brother-in-law to find a cool hat that looked very "British." We succeeded, and we got to spend some time 1-1. The shopping experience can be such a fun one when traveling. Block out a couple of hours if you’re so inclined and enjoy the experience of shopping somewhere else.

Tea Towel from Acadia National Park in Maine

Tea (or Kitchen) Towel

In my kitchen, I love displaying a tea towel that says something about me (and no, not “This House is Blessed”). The towel hangs on my oven handle, and while I use it to wipe my hands, it’s not the rag type of towel that is used to wipe up messes or dry dishes. Those are different. I’ve started to collect these when I travel, and they are moving up the ranks as the best souvenirs to bring home. They’re usually pretty well priced, between $15-$25, and you can remember your trip while cooking some delicious meal in your kitchen. I’ve truly enjoyed adding these little gems to my travel takeaways, and you might, too. It’s a special way to remind yourself of fun times.

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet from Africa


The most fun type of jewelry that I like to buy when traveling are fun pieces. I’m not going to drop $1000s on some piece of jewelry, as it’s not really my style in general. Hey, if it’s yours, have at it. But as an example, while traveling to Wyoming, I bought some tiny sheriff badge earrings that I just adore. You have to be close up to me to see what they are and what they say, but when people see them, they go bonkers. In Africa I bought a bracelet out of beaded safety pins from the locals. It’s jewelry like these pieces that make the best souvenirs to bring home from trips. Make sure it’s locally made, too, so you can support their local community. That’s another biggie for me.

Bookstore in Paris


My photography has always been a huge part of my travels. As I’ve gotten more serious about it, I’ve taken it to heart to produce fabulous pictures that I and others can enjoy. Not everyone is great at taking photos, so I let myself be other people’s lens. I’ve always been interested in giving others the ability to enjoy my photos, and more recently have been selling my prints. Even if people haven’t been to a certain location that I shoot, something often resonates with them to purchase it. I also have multiple photos hanging in my house of my own photography. It never gets old to look at my own art. But I’ve learned that sharing it is even better. Since I own a camera and am good at taking photos, I’ve embraced that this is one of the best souvenirs to bring home for me. Don’t just take the picture. Display it!

Treat Yourself to a Little Reminder

Traveling is one of the most life-giving things I have ever done for myself. My soul requires it; otherwise, I get grumpy and restless. In between my travels, seeing my little reminders of the best souvenirs to bring home helps me get to the next trip. I can spend some time reminiscing and thinking fondly of my past travels. Give yourself the gift of a little something that will absolutely remind you of your jaunts. You’ll be glad you did, and it will get you through until you can travel again. I know it sure does for me.
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