July 10, 2023

The 6 Best Summer Shoes Not Made in China

We all wear shoes. Some of us more than others, but we don’t live in the caveman ages anymore, and shoes are part of the charm of an outfit. My shoe collection varies in size, as some days I swipe through multiple shoes and get them out of my closet. My summer shoe collection is one that I like to refresh each year. I tend to hold onto my summer shoes for a few years, but each year I also add a couple of pairs. This year, I went with a colorful theme. Browns and blacks are fine, but I wanted to spruce up my outfits with a pop of color. Summer might be halfway over for some, but it’s just getting started where I am (in New Orleans) so I have a long road ahead of me. Follow me, but only if you’re wearing your best summer shoes.

Madewell Amel

1. Madewell - Cambodia

As I’ve stated in other blogs, I love a good deal. Once in a while I hit the actual Madewell store at my local shopping mall to see what they have. Pink is not usually a color I would go for, but they had this particular hue that I was drawn to. They were on sale, I said what the heck, and bought them. Good choice on my part. They are comfortable, cute, and I can wear them to get a pedicure without having to walk out with those stupid “flip flops” that make you fall on your face in the parking lot. Yes, I’ve tripped and almost fallen in those things. The Amel slides show each toe nicely, so you can sport them with your polished toes. I love that flat sandals are in style, so these are my number one pick for new summer shoes this summer.

Dansko Laurie

2. Dansko - Vietnam

Always a favorite brand of mine, the Dansko shoes that I have don’t exist anymore. I did find some that are very close in look, and I would recommend them. I’ve worn mine for a couple of years now, so it’s no wonder that they are out of production, but I always have my eye on a new pair when mine are kaput. The brand is one of a comfort brand, but they are very stylish and sassy on the foot. What I can tell you is that every time I wear them, I get a compliment. People love this shoe. I love it too because I can look cute and walk around all day long without having to change them. My feet are pretty sensitive, so the fact that these can last all day means a lot to me. If you’ve never had a pair of Danskos, it’s high time to change that. They are by far some of the best summer shoes I’ve ever owned.

Birkenstock Collection

3. Birkenstock - Germany

Yes, another comfort shoe. One that I have worn since my early teens when I thought I was an actual hippie. The great news about Birkenstock is that they are so in style with everyone that you can be anything you want in these sandals. I have had countless pairs over my life, and I will continue to be a patron. My best summer shoes are nothing if not oodles of sandals from Birkenstocks. The only complaint I have is that, at first, it takes a while to break them in. After that, you are walking on air. Or maybe sunshine. Your feet will thank you for putting them into sturdy, comfortable, and best summer shoes. In my article on festing with success, I recommend not wearing flip flops, but Birkenstocks would be the perfect alternative. They will not blow out while you’re dancing your tush off to your favorite genre of music at an outside concert.

Andre Assous Erika

4. Andre Assous - Spain

A lesser known brand, I have multiple pairs because they are overall comfortable and very cute. If you think I got compliments on the Dansko summer shoes, these blow those out of the water. I love the strap that goes around the ankle for support. The colors are also classic and can be worn with literally anything. You can’t go wrong with these quality shoes for the price, even though they are not inexpensive. Andre Assous are made in Spain, which I love, and last for years. All of mine are a few years old and don’t show much wear and tear. Again, I don’t wear these all day or all over town, but they are sturdy. Since I like to dress up a bit most days, these are the perfect compliment to cute pair of shorts or a midi skirt. Discovering European-made shoes is one of my favorite things to do. Then I like wearing them.


5. Havaianas - Brazil

After my obsession with Brazil started, or Brasil for the official spelling, I became a collector of this flip flop brand. There was a time that I must have had ten pairs, and since all things have to come to an end, I had to get rid of the ones that finally gave out. Or blew out. They are still a best summer shoes category favorite, but because of my experience with a couple coming apart while walking, I won’t wear them just anywhere. I have them scattered all over my house. Some of them are absolutely filthy, and some have kept their pretty color. Others may tout being the best on the market, but I still vote for Havaianas. My favorite are the sling-back so I have more support. Just writing this makes me want to hop on a plane to Brazil, go to the beach, and buy another load of these coveted flip flops. Brazilians are proud of this shoe, as they should be. And I am proud to wear them in every color.

Swedish Hasbeens paired with a cute outfit!

6. Swedish Hasbeens - Sweden

Such a favorite. I own a few pairs and love them so much. They are funky and a little weird, just like me. The wood bottoms doesn’t permit me to wear them for great lengths of time, but to dinner or an entertainment production…yes. The price on these is not low, but you can occasionally snag a pair on one of my favorite shopping sites, RueLaLa. Your best bet is to shop the sale section on their website, where they have great prices on a bunch of styles. I could rock these puppies for so many different occasions. They are anything but generic and will give your outfit the kick that it needs. Clearly I’m a huge fan, so do add these to your best summer shoes collection if you can. We can be twinsies.

Wear and Tear (Up the Town)

Tear up the town with these 6 awesome and best summer shoes that are not made in China. The quality is great on all, and you will find them being brought out year after year. I would call these more of an investment, so even when you’re spending a bit more, it won’t go to waste after one season. The looks are all classic to their brand - nothing is trendy. When I tell you I’ve had some of these shoes for years and still have people dosing out compliments, I know i’ve made a good purchase. It’s not all about what other people think, but I love rocking a fine looking outfit. That outfit includes shoes. Enjoy my list, and I hope you found some nuggets in here. Go kick up your heels and have some fun in those summer shoes!

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