April 22, 2023

Fest with Success

Going to festivals is something that many people enjoy. For some, it’s in their genetic makeup. Whether it’s a food festival, a music festival, or a holiday festival, festivals are enjoyed by the thousands. While I wouldn’t call myself an avid fester anymore (I am a lot pickier about which festivals I attend), I do enjoy them and am lucky enough to live in a city where festivals are in abundance. With that being said, it’s important to get some pro tips on how to fest with success. I have compiled a list of things that make attending a festival more pleasant and appealing. Let’s take a look.

1. Mineral Sunscreen

I feel like I shouldn’t have to preach this in this day and age, but I’m going to. The older I get, the more I realize how important applying sunscreen is. Not just any sunscreen, either. Mineral sunscreen (and here is why per MD Anderson). I’ve been burnt to a crisp during one single outing and it’s the worst, likely because I was wearing chemical sunscreen. You pay for it for days, possibly weeks. Get yourself some spray-on mineral sunscreen and put it in your car (if you’re driving to the fest) or your bag if you have some room. You will be glad you did. And spray your head!

Hat from Meyer the Hatter

2. A Hat

Yes, I just mentioned spraying your head, but also spray your hat. The hat is a fantastic way to make you look fest-chic and block that pesky sun from ruining your week with its rays. Recently I have become more of a hat-wearer, and I like it for the most part. I’m not a huge fan of sweating on my head, but it’s better than the alternative. I know a nice shower is awaiting me on the other end of that hat wear, so I can suck it up for the day in the sun. My favorite hat shop in New Orleans is Meyer the Hatter. If you're in New Orleans and want to fest with success in style, do check it out.

Obsessed with this cooler backpack - top half for stuff, bottom half "ice chest"

3. Small Purse or Backpack (I Like a Backpack)

You need your keys, your chapstick, your hand sanitizer, and a water bottle holder. The backpack I have quickly become obsessed with is made by Oniva out of recycled materials. There is a small "cooler" at the bottom for sparkling waters and beer, or anything else you want to keep cold. This bag definitely helps me fest with success, and it's no trouble carrying it around all day. If you're taking a small purse, you're not able to carry the extra goodies, but it's considerably less to lug around all day. Decisions, decisions.

I Prefer Tennis Shoes at Festivals

4. Non-Flip Flop Shoes

Please, for the love of cheese and rice, do not wear flip flops. Your feet get warm, I get it, but there are tons of shoes out there that are just fine and they are more secure than a flip flop. I have actually blown out a flip flop (like the Jimmy Buffet song) and it ain’t fun. Walking barefoot down one of the busiest streets in New Orleans because I “had” to wear my blasted Havaianas is not how I want to end my day. I love those sandals, but more for around the house or going to get a pedicure than attending a festival. Flip flops will do the opposite to help you fest with success. There’s a time and a place, friends. Festivals are not that time, nor that place. Check out my favorite shoe brands and see if there are any on there that might suit your fancy.

Linen shorts and a tank are perfect for festing!

5. Light and Breezy Clothing

Wear clothing made of cotton or linen, like the shorts in the picture. Here is a link to some at OneQuince that are super reasonably priced. Break those materials out for the warmer months because they feel good, and keep your body out of the polyester. You’re going to come away stinky anyway, but those fake materials make it so much worse. A nice cotton dress or linen shirt will assist in your goal to fest with success, and your armpits will thank you for it as well. So will your pals that you're with. For the festivals, linen or cotton shorts, or a breezy dress is all you need.

Relaxing on our Monkey Mat

6. Water-resistant Mat or a Chair

My go-to is called a Monkey Mat, but in doing research I see that they are no longer in business. Doing some research for a comparable product, the one linked looks similar, and it's very inexpensive. The best part is how small it folds up and it's easy to tote anywhere. I have loved my Monkey Mat so much, and now I hope it never rips or wears out. These little mats can be life-savers when you're out and want to pop a squat to rest. It's a lot easier than hauling a folding chair, I can tell you that. Get yourself a little foldable mat, and fest with success.

Wearing My Goodr Sunglasses from Phina

7. Cheaper Sunglasses

While I love nice sunglasses like anyone, I do not like toting them to festivals. What if I drop them or leave them somewhere? There are too many chances to be disappointed with the turnout when you take nice or expensive things to a fest. So many times I’ve heard people leaving their nice sunglasses or having them get stepped on. Like the open toe shoes, leave those Guccis at home. There is no fest with success with expensive stuff. Nowadays, there are so many options to get cute, inexpensive sunglasses. I love my new ones, and they come in all kinds of fun colors.

I always have a water bottle with me!

8. Bottle of Water/Water Bottle

Go pro and bring a reusable water bottle with you to fest with success. With the backpack I mentioned above, you can stick it in the cooler part of on the side. So many times I've been at a festival without water, and dying of thirst. I'm also more likely to indulge on the booze if I don't have my water, so it's important to have it with me. My preference is to take a reusable one from my house so I cut down on plastic (which is very important to me). You can also refill it in public water fountains or ask an establishment to fill 'er up. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate...as my yoga teacher says.

9. Hand Sanitizer

People are gross. I'm sorry to say it but it's true. I don't want it to be, but I've seen a woman pick her nose repeatedly on a plane and eat her boogers. I've watched people leave bathrooms without washing hands. Probably after a poop, too. Hand sanitizer is a must-bring to fest with success. Many festival foods are eaten with your hands, and you don't want to be left eating with your grimy fingers. If you can't get to a bathroom or have to use a port-o-potty, it's best to have the smelly jelly with you to clean yourself. That's just where we are in life.

10. Device Charger

We all know that feeling of having 3% battery and still having to call an Uber to get you back to the hotel or your house. It's the worst. A few years ago, I decided to purchase a portable charger for an international trip, and it's been a lifesaver. I also use it around my house if I need something to charge and the electricity is out, or I need my ring light and it's not near an outlet. This is a great tool to fest with success, and I highly recommend it in general. You'll likely use it for more than a festival, and it isn't going to break the bank.

Don't Fest without the Prep!

To fest with success is no amateur’s game. It takes preparation and thoughtfulness as to what you are doing and where you are heading. These are just a few of my items that I have found help me enjoy an outdoor festival more. I don’t have to worry about much past these items, aside from food or drink, that is. Hopefully this list helped you, and hopefully we’ll see you at one of our many festivals. Happy festival season, my friends!
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