July 5, 2022

Paris Part Trois – Finally Someone to Talk to!

Getting on in Paris alone was quite interesting for me. I didn’t expect the goings on that I would experience, so when my favorite travel buddy (my husband) showed up after four days of me being on my own in Paris, I was happier than a pig in mud. Paris is filled with millions of people. They are everywhere, they are all over the streets, in restaurants, wine bars, and coffee shops. But they barely speak to you. At least they barely spoke to me. I ended up feeling quite isolated due to my lack of knowledge of the language and the disinterest of the typical Parisian. It was nice for a little while, but I wasn’t mad when Jeff showed up and I got to pal around with him for the last leg of the journey.

The Man of the Hour, Jeff

The Eagle Has Landed

He showed up one morning, a little pooped and jet lagged but ready to walk the streets. After eating a bit of breakfast with our hosts, he snoozed for a little while and then we set out on the town. It wasn’t long before he realized that there were boulangeries at nearly every corner, and he was ready to take advantage of the total access to delicious French baguettes stuffed with…well, whatever. It could’ve been a sardine sandwich and I’m pretty sure he would’ve gobbled it up. I like sardines, though. Maybe a cow chip sandwich? We got the baguette sandwich and plowed on, walking our little hearts out around the city. An hour and a half after the original sandwich, he was ready for another. I do not eat at this pace. I ate breakfast and maybe one other larger meal, until my food poisoning bit, then ate even less. This constant stopping could’ve pushed me over the edge, but the quick in and out at the boulangeries made Paris a great option for two people with very different eating habits.

One of the Many Courses at Comice

Strong First Day

On and on we went, popping into a few different churches, checking out Notre Dame and Ile Saint-Louis, one of the little islands on the Seine. After we tired of that, we went back so Jeff could take a snooze. Jet lag is real and a huge pain in the ass. But, you just have to roll with it. Jeff slept off some of the jet lag, then that evening we had the best meal of the trip at Comice in the 16th arrondissement. We decided to brave it and take the metro, which turned out to be interesting and pretty efficient. It’s kind of fun to do that in cities. The owner of Comice was on the podcast Earful Tower, which is where I get some of my Paris intel (and a patreon member). I introduced myself and she (the owner) generously made our four course meal into seven, sending me into a state of near comatose from stuffing me like a turkey, as my food poisoning aftermath hadn’t quite subsided. I would highly recommend this place and would positively go back again. Hopefully next time with a normal stomach. I adored the restaurant and the owner. AND…it was our first Michelin star restaurant!

Down in the Catacombs

Sliding Right into Those Bones

Day 2 with Jeff was Catacombs day. It was a crapshoot with the vaccination debacle and whether I could get in since it seemed the rules were different from one activity to the next. We gave it a shot, though (pun intended). Luckily, they barely checked our “proof” because frankly I think they were over it as well, and we sailed right in, much to my husband’s relief. I didn’t know what to expect, but I love cemeteries and the history of death and whatnot so I was pretty excited. Descending the steps, we came upon the insane amount of skulls and bones that lined the alleys of what is known as the Catacombs. It was fascinating and I am so glad we did it. I owe the recommendation to my Instagram friend, James! 

Macaron & Wine at Carette

The Livelier Side of Day 2

Luxembourg Gardens were next, and we walked our little tails over there to view a mostly barren area, but a few plants were starting to be planted. It was early March and still pretty chilly. Moseying our way back to Le Marais and our last night at the weird “B&B” we stopped at Carette to get a little cheese and dessert. And wine. It’s located at Place des Vosges and quite lovely. I was finally able to stomach some decent food and wine so I thoroughly enjoyed myself until the heartburn kicked in that night. I swear I am not that old, y’all. 

Photos with the Best: Miss Paris Photo Herself

I’m a Model, Ya Know What I Mean?

After a restless night’s sleep, we popped out of bed for our photo session that was scheduled pretty early the next morning with Miss Paris Photo, extraordinaire! We left much before our hosts typically wake up and headed over to Ile Saint-Louis to meet Krystal. We had such a blast taking gorgeous photos, and then had coffee with Krystal and her husband. It was a complete delight to have an English conversation for the first time on this trip. My sixth sense told me that trouble was a-brewing with our hosts, so I sent a message letting them know we were on our way back soon. (Weird that I even felt I had to do that, right?)  We finished our coffee, said our goodbyes and when we got back to our B&B, the door to our room was wide open and I was confronted by the main host telling me how we were late for a breakfast (a croissant) neither of us had agreed upon the day before. I was utterly horrified and glad to be moving to another hotel. Having that level of nonsense on a vacation due to a host is the pits. I didn’t even realize how stressed I was around them until we moved. Personality clash or strange expectations, who cares? That’s the last I’ll be seeing of those people!

Rue Cler, Just the Best!

So Much to Do, So Much to See

Our delightful new boutique hotel was located in the 7th and at the foot of the Champ de Mars, very near Rue Cler. It wasn’t the most ideal hotel room, as it was on the ground floor and right off the reception, but it was a good change. We had so many amazing things around us, not least of which was the Eiffel Tower. The location was parfait! Coffee shop nearby, amazing cocktail bar that I would recommend to everyone, and the street market Rue Cler. Yes, worth mentioning twice. Our time in this area was pretty limited, so only a couple of activities were on the agenda. One, my husband zeroed in on for months: the rugby stadium. Paris is this mecca for fine clothing, and Jeff wanted rugby shorts. That is all. Off we went to the stadium shop to buy said shorts. He was happy, and his shopping trip had ended as quickly as it started. 

Second Floor of the Iron Lady

Climbing Our Way to the Top

Jeff is into physical challenges. Couple that with loathing a line, and guess who was about to walk up the Eiffel Tower? Me! And that was the second thing on our agenda before leaving Paris. I am always pretty grumbly when it comes to these wild hair ideas Jeff has, but we agreed to take it 100 steps at a time, and it was actually quite delightful. I felt accomplished, and we enjoyed taking our time looking at the views from the first and second floors. What a treat! I am glad I let myself get pushed into the whole experience, as I would not have opted for that myself. Sometimes you have to do the less comfortable thing for a huge reward, right? I know my traveler friends know this well. 

Last Look from the Cab

Au Revoir, Paris. Merci Beaucoup

That was our last day in Paris. Going on this trip was a challenge in so many ways. Starting with COVID, ending with weird hosts, and everything in between made this a full adventure. With each challenge in life, though, you grow, you learn, and you adapt. We don’t live in Disney World and things don’t always go as planned. That is what makes travel so dang fun. While there were moments I questioned my sanity, there were more moments of clarity and pure joy for being able to wake up in one of the best cities in the world. My gratitude for this trip is deep, and I hope you enjoyed following along. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to book your own adventure now. Heck, I even started French lessons!
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